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The Antsingy armored chameleon

(Brookesia perarmata)

It is not for nothing that the Antsingy armored chameleon is the only one  chameleon  worldwide on Appendix 1 of the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. Because of its extraordinary appearance Brookesia perarmata  over several  Years in larger quantities, and especially sold at very high prices. The problem: These were not about offspring from human care, but wild-caught. Since there were no offspring even after years of exports and the demand is still very high 

Brookesia peramata.jpg
brookesia ct.jpg

was, suffered  under the lucrative trade above all the species itself. There were simply too many animals collected for the wild population in western Malagasy Tsingy de Bemaraha  could have remained stable in the long term. In addition, the small range of the species, in the larger  Parts of the habitat negatively affected  had been. Above all, livestock, fire and the deforestation of the dry forest made things difficult for the species. The maximum 11 cm tall chameleons were like that over the years  to a  become an endangered species.  Luckily he was  Habitat of primeval armored chameleons  Placed under protection in 1997 and an international trade ban effected by CITES (Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species). A lot has changed for the better for the species in recent years, but the nature of Madagascar is still highly threatened, especially due to the destruction of the last remaining forests. Progresses the ruthless environmental destruction  on the fourth largest island in the world  keep it up, could the  incredibly diverse flora and fauna  be largely destroyed in a few years.

chameleons to date  unknown bones, so-called osteoderms.  These are located in the skin of armored chameleons and are responsible for their spectacular appearance, among other things. Exactly what purpose they have, however, could  Unfortunately  not  with

Highly interesting: In 2020, German scientists discovered Brookesia perarmata for 

security to be clarified. but it is obvious that

the armor that protects chameleons from predators.

The computed tomography
Scan of the skeleton  (Picture on the right) shows  the  unusual
bone  of the chameleons very clearly., as can be seen for example on the ribs.

Brookesia peramata 1.jpg
Brookesia peramata 2.jpg

Article by Timon Glaw

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