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The Vaquita

(Phocoena sinus)

California harbor porpoises, known as vaquitas, are the smallest of the whales  the world, but especially  they fall

through  her extremely sympathetic and striking appearance. The whales, which originate from the Gulf of Mexico and are only 1.5 meters long, are far stronger than most other animal species  just before extinction. Apart from hers  However, due to the severe threat, little is known about these beautiful animals. It was not until 1958 that the vaquitas were scientifically described at all, and in  In the last 60 years only little data could be collected about the shy animals. And since they keep coming back  victims of poaching or fishing  become, it is now quite likely that the species no longer  explore further  will. Presumably there is  altogether less than 20 of these small whales, and again and again there are new reports of a further population decline. That is  the problematic poachers aren't actually after the highly endangered marine mammals,  nevertheless land regularly  Vaquitas in the nets of fishermen. End like this  also the few Vaquitas still alive again and again  as by-catch in fishing nets, where they suffocate in agony. Interesting: Blame for the near extinction of the California harbor porpoise  indirectly those that are now also acutely threatened with extinction  Totoaba  (Totoaba macdonaldi). the  Totoaba swim bladders are sold in China for many thousands of euros. Correspondingly difficult  is also the protection of the Vaquitas, because despite great media attention, which, among other things, by  Leonardo DiCaprio is generated, fishing for the Totoaba is just too profitable for all parties involved to effectively promote vaquita protection. In 2019 even the  released the documentary "Sea of Shadows - The Battle for the Cocaine of the Sea", made especially for the Vaquita, to educate about the endangered harbor porpoises and the problems in saving the species. Unfortunately, due to the current situation for the vaquitas, which are hardly one of the most endangered animal species, but one of those species that are acutely threatened with extinction, a rescue can no longer really be assumed. At least if the causes of their threat  not completely resolved in a very short time  become, it is very likely that another unique species will become extinct forever.

And maybe even this year!!! 

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