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Extinct Animal Species


As far as we know, 99.9% of the species that have ever inhabited the earth are long gone. Again and again there were large waves of species extinction that wiped out a large part of all species. But the wave we are now facing is not "normal", not caused by volcanic eruptions, asteroid impacts or other natural disasters, no, it is caused by only one species - humans. Man, who himself is only one of many species, has managed to make so many other species disappear forever. Forever, that's the really bad thing about extinction, it can't be reversed and it also means the eternal loss of unique diversity.


At least that's how it was until now. In a few years, extinct species may be brought back to life through preserved DNA, as imagined in Jurassic Park, for example  will... but you shouldn't put too much hope in it. Quite a few species could also reappear through the occurrence of the so-called Lazarus effect, the "resurrection" of extinct species. Now, of course, this sounds like an even bigger scam than any attempts to clone extinct species, but this effect is not at all improbable and has even happened many times. Do you have any idea what the Lazarus Effect could be?

He describes the case in which animal species were only thought to be extinct without actually having disappeared and can therefore easily be rediscovered. Especially for small, inconspicuous species, this effect represents an extremely high hope, because science knows hardly anything about the vast majority of rare and inconspicuous species. If the species has not been seen for a long time, it is usually declared extinct. But sometimes that's just a matter of definition, and so there are always moments when the Lazarus effect occurs and species are rediscovered . So for some species there is still hope instead of being simply overlooked.  After all, since the discovery of America in   Year 1492 "only" about   750


Animal species known to us may have become extinct, of course without taking into account any species that man has never discovered and now probably will not discover again...

As far as we know, most species have been wiped out by introduced animals such as rats, cats or foxes. But now that habitats such as the Amazon rainforest in South America, or the countless less well-known habitats in Africa and Southeast Asia are being destroyed more and more by mining projects, palm oil plantations, fields, etc., there are fewer and fewer individual species, but entire ecosystems with countless species suddenly disappear. And that is all the more dramatic, because if it was possible hundreds of years ago to wipe out species within a very short time, how are species supposed to survive a time when technical aids have made it child's play to create gigantic areas of habitat within a very short time to destroy? As long as this question cannot be answered adequately or better completely, more and more species will disappear, yes, this wave of extinction could even be worse than any that the earth has experienced so far!

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