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The Hainan crested gibbon

(Nomascus hainanus)


Found on the southern Chinese island of Hainan, the Hainan crested gibbons are considered the rarest  primates of the world, and rightly so. Apparently it should  no longer give 30 Hainanese crested gibbons, so they belong next to species like  the Vaquita  to the animals threatened with extinction. Not only the persistent hunt, but also enormous  problems due to the small  population endanger the survival of the  Species enormous despite slightly increasing population numbers. Because the few that are left at all  Animals are vulnerable to disease, natural disasters and due to the small number of gibbons  also for genetic impoverishment and inbreeding. All dangers that can hardly be averted even by protecting the Bawangling National Park and fighting hunting. The species was still widespread in almost all of Hainan in the 1960s, and by the end of the 1950s there were said to be more than 2000 Hainan crested gibbons. However, the populations then continued to decrease rapidly, so that by the 1970s there were only eight individuals of this special species  primate species existed. Back then  they were only regarded as a subspecies of the eastern black crested gibbon ( Nomascus nasutus ), which meanwhile, with around 100 individuals, must also be regarded as critically endangered and is struggling with similar problems to the Hainan crested gibbon. some years 

on it one found  but then  some Hainanian crested gibbons not previously known, bringing the population to just over 21 animals. Since then, the species has been walking relatively stably on the edge of its existence. However, it is also clear that this will change within a very short time, maybe even by just one  natural event  or a similarly catastrophic event very, very quickly  to change  can. And so they could far too little so far  observed Hainan crested gibbons, which as gibbons are among the  closest relatives of the great apes and thus also us humans, become extinct. Still can  through further and more intensive protection of the Hainan crested gibbons  extinction of these beautiful monkeys  hopefully be averted just like that!

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