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fish species extinct since 1492

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1. Alburnus akili  

  • Origin: Lake Beyşehir Gölü / Turkey

  • Year of extinction: The species became extinct after the 1950s, unfortunately more details are not known

  • Reason for extinction: The species died out most likely due to the introduction of invasive fish species such as zander (in 1955) into the lake and due to overfishing.

2. Alburnus nicaeensis  

  • Origin: Lake Iznik Gölü / Turkey

  • Year of Extinction: Since the species has not been found since the late 20th century, and no specimens have been found despite searches for these fish, it can be assumed that the species also became extinct in the late 20th century

  • Reason for Extinction: It can be assumed that Alburnus nicaeensis became extinct due to introduced, invasive species.

3. Anabarilius macrolepis (Yilong Lake)

  • Origin: Yilong Lake / China

  • Year of Extinction: So much water was taken from the lake for agricultural purposes that it dried up for about 3 weeks in 1981. Therefore, it can also be assumed that the species became extinct this year. 

  • Reason for Extinction: Certainly pollution of the lake from the surrounding region was not particularly beneficial for the population of the species, but it is fairly safe to say that the species became extinct as a result of the lake drying up for a short time.

4. Aphanius splendens

  • Origin: lake  Goelcuk Golu / Turkey

  • Year of Extinction:  Despite various searches for the species, the species could no longer be detected after the 1980s.

  • Reason for extinction: introduced, invasive fish species very likely led to the disappearance of the species.

5. Aplochelichthys sp. nov.

  • Origin:  Lake Naivasha / Kenya

  • Year of Extinction: The species appears to have become extinct in the 1970s and 1980s.

  • Reason for the extinction: As far as is known, the competition with invasive fish species, including hunting by them, led to the extinction of the species

6. Atherinella callida

  • Origin: streams around the Rio Tonto,  Municipality of Veracruz  / Mexico

  • Year of Extinction: There have been no reports of living specimens of the species since 1957

  • Reason for extinction: The species disappeared from its habitat due to destruction and deterioration, including water pollution, drainage of >streams and the construction of dams.

7. Barbus microbarbis

  • Origin: Luhondo Lake / Rwanda

  • Year of Extinction: By 1952, the species was very likely gone.

  • Reason of Extinction: Due to the onset of  Cichlid disappeared  Barbus microbarbis from its only habitat.

8th.  Characodon garmani

  • Origin: State  Coahuila / Mexico

  • Year of Extinction: The species probably became extinct around 1900.

  • Reason for Extinction: The species probably became extinct due to water abstraction for agricultural purposes.

9. Chasmistes muriei

  • Origin: Snake River below Jackson Lake dam, Wyoming / USA

  • Year of Extinction: Not known

  • Reason for Extinction: Not known

10. Chitalalopis

  • Origin:  Pesanggrahan River on the island  Java / Indonesia

  • Year of Extinction: The species has not been recorded since the mid-19th century.

  • Cause of extinction: A combination of overfishing, deforestation,  the expansion of agricultural land and pollution almost certainly led to the extinction of the species.

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